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Terms & Conditions

All Camp Fees include the 5% VAT

  1. Children who are 3-4 years old need to be able to manage within a group environment with minimal assistance during the five sporting/non-sporting activities throughout the day.  The Camp Manager will advise parents if children cannot adhere to this condition and may be asked to return when the child is older.
  2. Please refrain from sending toys/personal devices to camp.  ESM do not take any responsibility for items such as tablets, phones, toys and other electronic devices that may be lost or damaged.  Due to the nature of our multi activity camps we do not allow students to use their phones during sessions.  Parents can request the contact number of the Camp Manager should they need to contact children during the day. 
  3. Parents are advised to pack their students' swimming costume every day, this is to accommodate possible program changes.  Aqua Fun sessions may not take place every day but if you don’t want your child to swim, please inform the Camp Manager on arrival.
  4. No parents are permitted to stay on site and watch sessions.
  5. ESM Holiday Camps has a "No Bullying Policy" – Children will be asked to leave immediately if this happens.
  6. ESM Holiday Camps have a no refund policy on camp as well as transportation fees. 
  7. Children need to wear comfortable clothing and trainers to camp, no sandles or crocks are advised as it is a multi-activity camp where physical activities take place. 

Behavioural Policy - Holiday Camps

ESM Holiday Camps reserve the right to remove any child from camp immediately if he/she physically harms others. There will be no warning before removal if the first incident is considered to be of a severe nature.

ESM expect that no child should;

  • Behave in a way that discriminates, bullies or intimidates others
  • Behave in a way that puts others or their self at risk
  • Use inappropriate language, or swear, in all languages
  • Act aggressively towards others and the coaches
  • Be involved in fighting, hitting, biting and all other forms of physical violence
  • Behave in a way that disrespects facilities and equipment
  • Act against the principals of fair play and positive sporting competition
  • Unwillingness to participate in sessions

ESM Holiday Camp Waiver

I acknowledge the health status of my child and acknowledge that loss or injury may occur due to the sports-related nature of the activity.  Save to the extent that such matter arises out of the negligence of, or misconduct by ESM Academies or ESM Holiday Camps (“ESM”), I shall not hold ESM, its affiliates, sponsors or venue, or their respective shareholders, directors, employees or agents, responsible for any loss, damage or injury to the participant or his/her belongings or claim for any injury or impairment that the participant may incur during the duration of the activity.  I also authorize ESM to take reasonable measures for safety.  I understand that ESM reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the program prior to or during the activity for reasons beyond its reasonable control.  I understand that photographs and audio visual recording may sometimes be taken during the activity and I hereby consent for such material to be used on our marketing material, social media platforms and on our website.

This acknowledgment has been signed freely and voluntarily without any inducement.


ESM Holiday Camps offers a 10% siblings discount to siblings up to a maximum of 3 children. Siblings are defined as brothers and sisters only.



Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an automated email confirming the details of your booking. Please review and ensure the details are correct prior to attending the camp.


ESM Holiday Camps have a no refund policy on camp bookings including transportation.

No refund or credit will be given for missed days due to sickness or any other reasons 

If, for any reason the camp is canceled by ESM Holiday Camps, parents will first be offered an alternative camp venue. If this does not suit the parent then a full refund will be given for camp fees. 

ESM Holday camps reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time, without notice if circumstances are out of our control including but not limited to extreme weather conditions, emergencies, construction works close by to the school facility. 

A minimum number of 25 children is required to run a holiday camp or a camp week. Should the demand not reach this prior to the week of camp starting , parents will be notified and offered an alternative camp venue

Daily Activities

Activities are scheduled according to the amount of children registered and which coaches are available. Children will take part in 5 different activites daily and will need to participate in ALL 5 even though they might not like a few. These scheduled activites are manditory and specialized coaches have been hired in advance. ESM does not permit parents or children to choose which activites they want to take part in. Only medical reasons will permit children from missing aqua fun sessions, if the children forget their swim wear on the day they will sit pool side with thier group until the aqua fun session is complete



Jimmy Repsold

ESM Holiday Camp Director

Email: |

Office Tel No: +971 4 369 7817


P.O Box – 15935

Tel No: +971 4 3697817 


Security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details.

East Sports Equipment Articles and Services LLC will collect any personal information (including credit card details) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. ESM undertakes not to intentionally disclose personal information to third parties without the relevant individuals consent unless obliged to do so in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and/or any other federal or local laws. We protect your personal information using technical security measures (such as firewalls and data encryption) to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration, however, the internet is not a safe medium and Although appropriate security measures are in place, ESM cannot therefore accept any liability for such loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration

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