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Activities in Camp


Our most popular camp for parents in Dubai - a good mix of sports to get hearts pumping, and indoor activities to help concentrate minds and encourage dexterity. 

Multi-Activity campers enjoy a wide range of wonderful activities, leaving them exhilarated and hungry for more. Many campers discover abilities they never previously realized they had. And everything is done with an eye on fun and participation, allowing every camper to realize his or her potential in a pressure-free environment.

Activities at Holiday Camps

  • Please bring Swimming Gear every day - we might not do Aqua Fun every day, as it all depends on the number of children attending camp and the availability of the swim coaches. Schedules do tend to change, in the light of this, if children have their swimming gear with them the groups can have Aqua Fun as an activity that day. 
  • There will be activities that the children will not be able to participate in but they will still have 5 activities happening each day which will change throughout the week.
  • Please note that the activities above are venue specific due to the facilities the schools offer ESM, as well as the number of children attending the camp on the day. 


  • Children need to wear comfortable clothing in shorts, T-shirt and trainers.
  • No sandals or crocks are advised.
  • Please pack in swim wear everyday, Aqua Fun sessions might not take place everyday but schedules do change and if it changes to Aqua Fun campers will be prepared.
  • Lunch suggestions include turkey and cheese roll-ups, cream cheese and raisin tortillas, cheese sticks and crackers, apple slices, grapes, orange slices, pretzels, yogurt, or applesauce.
  • Snack suggestions include granola bars, cereal bars (avoid chocolate as it melts), dry cereal, crackers, cheese sticks, pretzels, or carrots and vegetable dip.
  • Include a small package of wet wipes. They make after-lunch clean-up easy for your child.


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