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ESM Holiday Camp is the leading holiday camp provider for your child, ages 4-12 years in the UAE. Our camp operates during the school holidays - spring break, summer break, winter break and half-term break. Throughout our 14 plus years of experience working with kids, we have proudly created a camp environment which encourages your kids to learn and develop new skills, be active, make friends and have fun.

We have achieved a strong reputation amongst parents in the UAE by being committed to delivering high-adventure, engaging and stimulating camp programmes within a safe and positive environment. Our team work hard to ensure that each of our camp venues is a positive, happy place to be for kids, parents and staff alike. Being a multi-activity camp, we offer a balance of sport and art & craft activities, ensuring each session is perfectly suited to the age and ability of the camper. We take full advantage of our camp locations' state-of-the-art facilities. Health and safety is always our top priority, ensuring parents peace of mind.

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Our most popular camp activity for parents in Dubai - a good mix of sports to get hearts pumping, and indoor activities to help concentrate minds and encourage dexterity.

Campers enjoy a wide range of wonderful activities, leaving them exhilarated and hungry for more. Many campers discover abilities they never previously realised they had. Everything is done with an eye on fun and participation, allowing every camper to discover their potential in a pressure-free environment.


Sports and Art activities in our Multi-Activity programmes play a crucial role in our camp curriculum as it allows our campers to explore their talents, develop their skills and enhance their abilities whilst enjoying their experience with hundred other campers. This is why all our camp venues are state-of-the-art athletic school facilities that help ensure complete safety of all our campers.


At ESM Holiday Camps, we are dedicated to providing all athletes, especially our young campers, an atmosphere rich in personal development ensuring future success. Which is why all our camp staff and coaches are certified professionals with years of experience.


ESM Holiday Camp has won the “Best Sports Youth Academy” at the prestigious Sports Industry Awards (SPIA). This is a result of our constant pursuit to provide the best camp experience and be the best camp provider in Dubai.

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